A story of him and her.

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Sporting a dark blue number in hopes of catching her glance, he looked into her crystal eyes and whispered into her ear, “You’re my soulmate, it’s fate.”

She, however, was not so optimistic. One misunderstanding led to the next and her wariness grew. Hesitant to trust another, she decided to walk away. His eyes followed behind in concerned confusion until there was nothing left but traces of her shadow along the moonlit path. In no time at all, that too had faded…


One unassuming day, as he traveled down the road to elsewhere, he suddenly noticed a gold shimmer that slowed his tracks. It was her. Dazzling in pink, glistening under the sun’s rays, she was waiting for a ride that would never come.

His bronze tint glowed as a smile escaped from between his words, “Can I offer a lift?”

She was reserved. Closed, almost. “Why?” he thought, “would a classy spectacle with such radiance mask herself behind obscured shadows?

Reluctant but reasonable, she gave in to his kind gesture.

Along the way as he seamlessly changed his course for hers, conversation ensued between the pair. From the surface of pastimes to the depths of one’s darkest undertones, they spoke in length. They spoke in volumes. It didn’t take long before she came to realize just how wrong she was about him.

He carried himself with a velvety disposition. Although smooth, charming, and confident, he also emanated a sense of gentleness. Through the sharp features of his outer shell, she could now see character and sincerity traced within. Maybe she could learn to trust someone after all.

With the patience of time, their paths coincided.