A New Beginning.

It's been a long time coming. With what should have been a few months' project felt as though nearly a year went by before it gave life. The waiting game of county approvals had delayed so often that I could see the finish line constantly slipping between my fingers; but, As deadlines passed and weeks furthered, construction had finally commenced and we started to see progress. The rusted wheels of our old dream had at last begun to turn and our optimism grew. From making paint and carpet selections to getting the word out to our near and dear patients, both familiar and new, it took no less than a village to bring us to where we are today. despite the countless number of obstacles thereafter, we swept the last bit of dust off the floor, placed the final pair of frames onto its display, and took a step back to appreciate the full view of all our efforts.

We are proud to announce that
SK Eyecare has finally opened its doors!