An Easy Fix for Computer Eye Strain

As our world has immersed itself into the ever-expanding sea of technology, we regularly delve into our digital devices from habit or occupational necessity. Consequently, some of its side-effects have finally caught up with us. One set of side-effects includes discomfort to our eyes, or, Computer Eye Strain, which results from prolonged use of computers and other electronics.

Common symptoms of Computer Eye Strain are eye soreness or fatigue, burning, or blurred vision usually towards the end of the day. A quick and easy way to relieve these symptoms is to practice a simple rule known as the “20-20-20 Rule”.

Every 20 minutes,
20-20-20 rule: Look 20 feet away (far away)
for 20 seconds.


The 20-20-20 Rule allows us to take periodic breaks from our visually demanding days and alleviates our eyes from constant, non-stop focus. It’s fast, effortless, and only costs 20 seconds of our time. Now, let’s set our phone alarms on the :20-minute timer until we can make the 20-20-20 Rule into a good habit.

If symptoms persist after a few of weeks of applying the
20-20-20 Rule to your day, be sure to consult your Optometrist to check for other potential causes for your eye discomfort.